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Home Business Info The Importance of Regular Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning for Fire Safety
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The Importance of Regular Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning for Fire Safety

The kitchen is an important area of the house as well as many commercial establishments. And this is also a place for fire hazards and this is a result of grease build-up in the kitchen exhaust systems. This is why it is important to clean the kitchen exhaust regularly.

The kitchen exhaust systems are designed

In a way to remove smoke, heat and grease laden vapours that come from cooking. These have a hood that is positioned over the cooking appliance, connected ductwork and an exhaust fan. The primary function of the kitchen exhaust shaft is to capture grease and other contaminants that are generated by the cooking processes and contain it before they escape into the kitchen. But with time, oil particles and grease can accumulate in the inside of the exhaust hood, fans, ducts and vents. This build-up will form a substance that is highly flammable and this will pose a severe fire hazard if you don’t clean it regularly. When grease is accumulated within the kitchen, it can result in a fire hazard because it is highly combustible. If a sufficient amount build up within the system, it only needs high temperature or a spark to ignite. Once it is ignited, these fires can spread rapidly throughout the kitchen exhaust system. The ductwork will act like a chimney in this situation so that the fire has a pathway to travel throughout the building.

In addition to the fire, thick smoke

And toxic fumes are generated from the burning grease. This is a danger to the occupants and it can make evacuation more challenging in an emergency. If you neglect kitchen exhaust cleaning, this can lead to insurance issues and you will be found to be non-compliant with fire safety regulations. Many locations will need commercial and residential kitchens to clean and maintain the kitchen exhaust systems regularly so that safety standards can be met. When these systems are cleaned regularly, it can reduce the risk of grease fires. The likelihood of ignition and fire will be reduced significantly. When the exhaust systems are clean, it will also help improve indoor air quality as grease laden odours and vapours are removed. This is very important when it comes to commercial kitchens where air circulation will have a direct impact on the health and comfort of the workers.

A clean exhaust system will operate more efficiently but

When the airflow is obstructed by the build-up of grease, ventilation and cooling of the cooking areas will go down. This will affect the lifespan of kitchen equipment as well. You need to comply with fire safety regulations and insurance requirements which make cleaning the kitchen exhaust systems critical. You need to establish a routine cleaning schedule based on the type of cooking that is performed in the kitchen and the volume of cooking. In a high volume kitchen, you will need to have monthly or quarterly cleanings. In a lower volume kitchen such as a residential kitchen, the cleaning schedule can be biannual.

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